Product Reviews

From Marcella S. Meeks

The Good and The Bad

I purchased a Dell computer two years ago from Amazon, and went ahead and purchased a warranty at that time. I loved my new 2021 Newest Dell Inspiron 5490 All in One Desktop 23.8 in FHD Display, Intel i3-10110U, 32GB DDR4 Memory, 2TB SSD, Online Class Ready, Webcam, Wired Keyboard & Mouse, Wi-Fi, USB-C, White, Win10 All-In-One but a few months after purchase, it quit working. I called Amazon and they referred me to the warranty company and they immediately shipped me a box for the return (postage paid). They fixed it and shipped it back within 2 weeks.

A few months later, the screen went out, and again, i returned it, postage paid, of course. Again, they fixed it and returned it to me. Needless to say, a few months before the warranty went out, the computer quit again and I sent it back, postage paid. The warranty company refunded my money because the computer could not be fixed a third time. I loved this computer and, even though it defaulted on me, it operated well and took care of my computing needs. Until it mal-functioned.

I purchased another computer, ( HP 2022 Newest 24 All-in-One Desktop this time and am very happy with it. But let me remind you to always purchase that warranty. It is very important and will pay off in the end.

I will continue buying from Amazon, and will continue purchasing warranties – that way if something tears up, it will be fixed at no cost to me. Some warranties aren’t worth buying but when it comes to warranties on electronics – please look into what is available to you. When I bought the Dell All-In-One, it was right for me but when it started giving me problems, the warranty kicked in and saved me over a thousand dollars in the end. So WARRANTIES Guys!

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